Friday, November 25, 2011

Here are some pics for you all

(Exciting for us, Zach finally sent some pictures. Here's some random pics from the MTC in Utah)
 Here's a map showing the Boise, Idaho mission area.
  A pic of the Provo, Utah temple, lit up at night.
 Zach will be in the area labeled 'Mexico City West' in this map. He will move around quite a bit within this area once he gets there.
 Snow-covered mountains in Utah.
 Missionaries pointing out their mission areas on a map at the MTC. Lucky Zach, he gets to point to two places.....
 Zach and his companions at the MTC in Provo.
Zach's companions in Boise, Idaho. The three of them will work together while Zach waits for this Mexican visa.

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