Sunday, November 6, 2011

Headin' for Boise

8:46 a.m., 11/2/2011
So I have wanted to be able to say that a little!
Okay I don't have much time I was almost done writing my email to grandma in the laundry room when a voice from the heavens, with a thick Long Island accent, called me by name and called me to the travel office. Apparently they've been trying to get a hold of me for 2 days . . . . I am leaving the MTC at 1:30 today to fly to Boise so I can get to the Mexican consolate in Boise, odd place to have a consolate. Anyways I wanted to write more but I need to give the computer back to the sister I stole it from I'm flying up with 6 other elders and my bag I've got 2 nights in Boise then I come back on Friday.
Te amor & Vaya con Dios
Elder Zach Nelson
That same day, at 10:14 a.m.
Thanks for all the weather updates from Denver (David had written him several times while snowed in on a business trip there) :) It was fun to hope for a huge snow storm coming to the MTC! And really??! I love theVic, Love her to pieces but if she asked me for a new 'ring' that expensive (we made about $500 in repairs to the heater core so Zach’s sister would have heat this winter) I'd have to really think about it. I think it was a gggoooodddd IIIdddeeeaaa , I’m shivering just thinking about not having a heater in Januarys in Missouri.

WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH Charles good job on the gridiron bud I knew you could get through all those close calls!  Katie thank you for the letter I appreciate your wacky sense of humor and realized how much I miss tormenting/loving you, but mostly loving you!! ;) What happened at the fall choir concert it didn’t sound to good from your report. Anything by Al Green should bring in many people to your fundraiser! And to agree with your sad note about the temple: today is my pday (preparation day) and I would normally be going to the temple but as I wrote in the other letter I have to go to Boise instead. :( I did find some Mormon moments on the church  web and I think you should watch them they were about the Kyieve Ukraine, I think, temple and the Gila Valley temple being dedicated. YOU SHOULD DEFINETLEY TALK TO SOMEONE IN THE STAKE AND ASK IF THEY ARE DOING A YOUTH "PARTY”, I CANT REMEMBER THE WORD RIGHT NOW, THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO CHARLES IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!!!!!

Okay dad I got another thing for you thank you for the quote from Michael Guevara and I think I’m studying a lil bit too much here because the first thing that came into my mind was the verse in D&C: seek not to teach my gospel but first seek to understand my gospel; then shall your mouth be opened for the understanding of men. Me gusta!! I don’t have much time but I'm gonna be writing you all letters while I’m on the plane about all the funny things we have done here.

Actually I want to do it now. Our first and most fun thing is "choholo los monos" which literally means crash the monkeys more or less. But fun story we learned that verb, chocar, from our teacher who got hit by a car while she was in a crosswalk at BYU. Crazy driver anyways she told us her story in Spanish so that’s how we got the verb, after that we went to chocolos pechos, chest bump to chocolos manos, fist bump, then someone knew the word for monkey .  . . Go figure! I still can’t figure out where they found it. so know when we go to gym we gather together someone yells chocolo los monos and we all act like were holding a monkey and do a few monkey "hoots", Yeah the MTC hasn’t gotten to me at all!! I’m not crazy I promise! I can still go to Mexico~!!! I just need to work on my typing apparently. More later as Elder Gerlach (his MTC companion) is trying to pull me away from the computer
te amor & vaya con dios!
Elder Zach Nelson!!!
Boise I can’t believe it!

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