Monday, November 21, 2011

Hola, again

November 16, 2011
We’re still in Utah?! no se para es no me importa! (Google translate kind of let us down on this one: it is not for me no matter)
So yeah, no news yet. If I do hear anything I’ll shoot you an email.  
            Oh by the way, this keyboard is completely messed up. I think that someone played with the coding and messed with it so if I miss any apostrophes I apologize.
Thank you for the package! Especially all the packing materials! Thank you for all the kisses they are wonderful! Thank you for thinking about the Christmas box could you possibly throw my Priesthood paperwork in with whatever else you decide to send along? Dad, I tried one of the teabags in my big St Mary’s cup and I think it diluted it too much so I’m gonna try the other bag in a smaller cup and let you know how it is. Oh, and so you know that ''chocolate'' you sent me, will soon be one its way home, I think the store mis-stocked it in the wrong aisle. It should have been in the baking section!
Mama {<- that’s Spanish!} Thank  you for the cool temple story but I think one of the pages was missing, It was really cool and I liked how the different 'facets' of the temple were expounded on. Thanks, too, for the quote from pres Houseman it was awesome!
Thank you for worrying about me getting cold but I got a sweet flannel purple checked shirt that keeps me pipin’ hot. NO I did not get to see Alyssa on my trip to Idaho, however I did give a nice Hindu man a copy of the Book of Mormon on my flight from Boise to Denver. Cool to hear about Elder White. If you get the chance give him a congratulations from me please :)
So how did Charles’ dual go? Hey you didn’t rip off any heads did you? Ian I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to hear you singing your song on the phone (Little brother Ian had been practicing to sing “I’ll Have a Blue Christmas Without You” to Zach during his five minute phone call earlier).  I hope you get better mom (she’s been sick). Just try to get some rest even if you’re not allowed to! haha What was that crack you made about not being able to gain weight supposed to mean?? Huh?! I mean the staff offered to give me a wheel barrow for my ''friend'' as they put it but hey you  know life happens!
Yeah we all heard about the elders who had an hour to pack they were on my floor of the residence hall. It was crazy! Interestingly the travel office seems to enjoy confusing people’s travel plans. Our Peruvian elder that’s been here forever got plans last week to be transferred to South Carolina temporarily until he can get his visa. So we looked at his travel plans and he was shocked to learn that his flight left from Salt Lake City International at 12:45 in the morning like dark AM. And we were told that he was gonna leave the MTC at 9 tonight to get to the airport! Well at choir practice last night, so like 6:10ish he got called to the travel office so he and his two companions (he’s been in three trios since he got here and all of them left before he did). Elder Gerlach and I didn’t see them until after dinner and we were in our way back to the gym for the devotional, 6:45ish, turns out that his flight left at 1245am today so he had 2 hours to get everything packed and to wash all his laundry. Thankfully he was in a trio so they were able to get everything packed up in time.
I love you all but I gotta go, as soon as I find the phone card AND I know when I’ll be at the airport I’ll call you and let you know what’s happening!!!
I love you all and thanks for everything you do!

Vaya Con Dios
Elder Zach Nelson
Lo antigua elder en La MTC (per Google translate: the former elder in the MTC)

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