Monday, November 21, 2011

Yo, What's Up Everyone???

November 9, 2011
So yeah, no travel plans yet BUT I did talk to the ladies in the travel office and they said that I would probably be going back to Boise this Friday to get my visa worked out, and then it will be a straight shot to Mexico from there. Well as straight as you can get with airlines anyways ;).
Okay Katie thank you for the sweet stain remover, I'd put my shirts thru the dryer b4 I realized they were stained . . . It got out most all of the stains, all except for one REALLY dark spot that'll be fine to wear, everything is gone or so faintly grey that you can’t tell its there! :)))) I didn’t get that fat in the MTC but I have gained a few pounds, I weighed myself b4 gym yesterday and I weighed a whoppin' 196!! (cool huh! :) Anyways all’s good here. So far we've all begun to pack and get everything ready to go.
MOM . . . Mucho  Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Mucho Gusto (<- that means a lot ;) for the vacuum bags!! they work better than I could have dreamed. I've got my winter coat, most all my clothes, all of my slacks, extra socks, and I think that’s all I've got in them so far. Anyway I’ve used 2 bags and their like 4 inches high in my suitcase. My bag only weighs 31 lbs. crazy!! Either way It's pretty fun to watch . . . I might have opened them a few times just to watch them shrink when the air gets sucked out . . . . . . . . . It's really fun to watch   ( <-me gusta).
Thanks so much for the package! It was great to get and to hear some news. I loved the picture of Charle's football team , Garret looked a little constipated {C you might tell him to look a little less serious next year . . . Actually now that I look at it again you all looked a little constipated, I guess that's what winning feels like huh?  Luv you bud, good luck with wrestling. I loved it, even though I never seemed to win, keep me posted please! Dad, I’m assuming you sent me the newspaper clip about Mexico, thank you for it, it was very interesting to read.
It was awesome to here about Halloween at the home. I almost remember what that was like, it passed without any mention here (me gusta estes caras!)
Thank you for the Fart Balloons (whoopee cushions) as they are called, I love you Ian and Isaak! (one hug for each). Glad to hear that everything is going good there, and someone please wish Melena a late happy birthday for me. Thank you for the supplies! We were nearly starving, okay not really but the beef jerky was AMAZING!!! The chocolate on the other hand, I will warn you is on its way back to you, I tried it and it tasted like bakers chocolate, definitely not what I was expecting! Oh I don’t care how the duct tape looks, let the boys pick it out, but please do send it to Mexico not here, Provo
So did you ever figure out what happened with the roof in Charles room? Oh and yeah . . . . I heard about the tornadoes how close did they get to you all? And, Katie If your boss gives you any more trouble, I’ll just mail him a rabid . . . hmmm what could I mail him? I don’t know But I'll mail him something Mexican and rabid, since you know that anything with that combination will be intimidating and scary and worse . . . . . Mexican!
 I love you all And I’ll miss you.
 p.s. I had to get another haircut since I’m gonna be leaving soon my head feels naked :(
P.P.S  I'll send you a short email when I find out that I’m leaving!

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