Friday, November 25, 2011

Hola de Boise Idaho!

So what up yall? As I said hello from Boise! What all’s going on there? Everything went fine at the airport on Monday, well . . .  almost . I think that I told you that most of my MTC district had left already, and that their were only 4 of us left to do anything at the MTC. Anyways we remnants of district 40A got travel plans Wednesday and that why I got to call again. Interesting thing was my buddies got to go to Mexico City and their planes took off at way different times than mine. One of them was supposed to leave at 5AM and the other 2 at 6AM and then I was supposed to leave at 8AM so we all did the logical thing and got up at 2:20 to shower and repack. Well I needed to repack at least and we wanted to see each other off.  Anyways apparently at 5 when I was repacking I shoved a gallon Ziploc of my shampoo, hair gel, sunscreen, and h2o2 in my carryon bag . . . . TSA didnt quite like that one! So just imagine me standing behind the tsa's checkpoint trying to get re- dressed after taking off my belt, boots emptying my pockets, todos! And this nice TSA lady comes up to me with my duffel bag in hand "elder is this yours?" "Yes 'mam" "You've got some oversized toiletries in this bag I need to check it do you mind if I do that?" Oh yeah I think I forgot to mention I didn’t remember putting them in there! Funny right?
So anyways she was really nice and we she started poppin off questions in Spanish which was cool cause I could understand her! Anyways she let me run back downstairs to the baggage claim to see if the agents there could put my Ziploc in my checked luggage. It took about, well it felt like, 20 minutes before the agents came back with one of my maletas and let me put my stuff in there, then they wheeled it back and I was able to run thru the employee line at security I felt special! [<-for some reason that doesn’t look right oh well es no me importa] Woaah I just slipped into Spanglish again! anyways once I got there I ran down one of the terminals looking for my gate so I wouldn’t be late . . . I ran down, all the way down, the wrong terminal, so yeah I had like 10 minutes b4 they started at my gate when I got there but no worries right mom?  [<-me gusta estos caras!]
So yeah that’s about all that I can think of right now. Cool thing about being in Boise I get an hour to write instead of 30 min like at the MTC. So I'm trying to think it over umm the  mission home address is 1111 S Cole road Boise, ID 83709. It’s in the LDS maps app on the LDS website um, yeah everything here’s cool and I’m loving it so far. I’ve got 2 awesome companions elder Navarrette and elder Figureoa. Yeah, I have fun trying to pronounce them. So far I’ve been a little off and on in understanding the members that we’ve taught but it hasn’t been that crazy yet. Yesterday was zone conference. Monday was p-day (preparation day) and today we had district meeting so its been awesome so far. The members have fed us each night and we’ve been able to get to know each other really well.
Elder N has been out 16 months last Monday and elder F is a native Chilean so yeah they’re helping me with my Spanish and I’ve had the opportunity to help elder F with his English. It’s awesome they are great elders who love teaching and are nuts but fun. If you could I'd appreciate you looking in my old journal  I think its the one with the smiley face on it, I was talking to elder N and turns out that his brother served in Columbia, MO a few years ago. and I can vaguely remember hanging around an elder that everyone called Nava but I’m curious if you would look in that journal and see if you could find the entries from my mini-mission. I’d appreciate it. President and Sister Cannon are awesome people and I can tell that I’m gonna love it here. Love all around
Vaya con Dios!
Elder Zach Nelson

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