Sunday, November 6, 2011


¡Hola! everyone how are you doing? I´´ll open with a letter to grandma real quick then I´´ll get to your part,
Grandma, Thank you for the package it came as such a surprise! As always the cookies were much appreciated and all of my roommates loved the cookies and treats than you for sending them! I'm trying to find something to put in the tin before I send it back to you, I don't thnik that I could take it to Mexico. Seeing that tin again reminded me so much of all the time and love I felt at your house that I didn't want to risk taking it to Mexico with me. It's so odd to realize that I have less than 20 days before I go to Mexico or to parts unknown if I have trouble with my visa, but I  have my fingers crossed either way!
I Love you grandma, See you soon
Elder Zach Nelson
Thank you for the package it was a good surprise and as you can see it has been a fun week to receive them! The candy was awesome and the pillow cases are awesome, thank you very much for them!, Isaak I loved the leaves they reminded me of being at home and the squirrels loved your acorns! Now I don’t believe that it could have really been Ian on that baptismal program or else that lil hambone has grown more than seems possible!
Mom I love you. Any news on the Vic, I love that old girl but she is just that, an old girl, it's sad to say. (This refers to the car that he and his sister share)
How did Charles’ last game go? I can’t seem to remember hearing how it went. It's good to hear that Elder Markarian is on his way, I wonder who he is supposed to teach in Illinois. Oh and thanks for that quote I appreciate it and I like it.

Dad thanks for the poster, it was good to I love the story about the piñata's but what’s so important about Dec. 11 & 12, and why is one of their chapels shaped like a sombrero? Okay I want a serape! I can imagine that doing a hat dance would have been more fun if you and mom had been there to dance but it would have been even better if I could have been there to applaud your dancing!!! Good to hear that that gutter finally got fixed, just in time for winter right?! Why did you have to go and mention pizza night in your letter? The closest, and by that I mean the farthest,  thing we get here is when the cooks take a day off and order like 600 pizzas from papa johns, its passable but come sadly far from the mark that you set! HeHe please forgive me for smiling over the router incident, (our wireless router went down, and David had to fix it by himself, with no Zach here to help him!) but I do miss being able to work with those kind of things.

I’m trying to think of anything else fun to write I've 3 got 7 min left . . . . This week our district decided to really get into SYL, or for us HSI, That’s really about it. We had a really good fireside on Sunday and a really good devotional last night , we sang as the choir ‘Precious Savior Dear Redeemer’ and it was amazing!!!!!! We had a crescendo to a dissonant chord that just shook the house with the overtones and I will not believe that anyone DIDNT have goose bumps, sigh, it was amazing. And then something one of the speakers said last night really got to me!
I know that I am here for the right reason, whatever it may be and I know that this is where the lord wants me to be!
Yo se que esta aqui por en el idea correcto y yo no se que eso idea es, pero yo se que el Dios quiere que esta aqui!
yo tengo muchos amor por ellos
Elder Zach Nelson

ps I’m putting the pictures in the mail today sorry to keep you on your toes for so long
pps I realized today that i have less than 20 days until i go to parts unknown!

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