Monday, October 24, 2011

Y por mi familia
thank you for helping me with these letters for grandma i really appreciate it! (We have discovered he can email us a letter to grandma, and we can forward it to her great neighbors in St Joseph, who will print it out and get it to her, thus saving him stamps!)
I really miss the Ole' Missouri storms even though they are dark and gloomy, besides the time it snowed, not a single cloud has dared to show it's face since I got here!!! they haven't even spit on us! I'll keep an eye peeled for the package (yes, a 3rd!) thank you for giving me a heads up about it! And, mailing stuff to Mexico already (some with elders already down there have suggested it's time to go ahead and mail Christmas packages at it can take a month or longer to arrive) that sounds crazy, I hope that it doesn't take that long to send packages to Mexico. Thinking about that blog reminded me that i thought I saw an Elder Peacock name tag somewhere in the residence hall's I'll try to see if i can figure anything out! :) CHARLES I'M ROOTIN' FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM TONIGHT!!! Since you mentioned the shoe trees E. Gerlach has some of those and he heard the same thing as you from the person who sold him his shoes. so far though my shoes are handling everything that i can throw at them.
Dad, I hadn't realized that I had sent the email to Mom (he forgot to CC me on the email last week!), but since you mentioned it, It may happen more often. I've got some pics that I'm going to try to get in the mail today or tomorrow hopefully they can get to the house before dad's gone if not you can all tell him about them!! :) Sorry about the bad punctuation/ grammar, Cindy would likely kill me! that reminds me that there are about 15 Finland bound missionaries that i have gym time with what part did she serve in and what part did/do ( i cant remember) Jonnis parents live in? Anyways 30 min isn't much time to type a letter and answer all of your questions and write you about how life's goin' :( I cant wait for the spot remover, it will be well used I can tell you that! However it shouldn't be too much of a problem since it is now "cold" weather here at the MTC (it's still around the low 70's during the day, as long as the sun is over the mountains otherwise everyones breath is frosted and there is hoarfrost on the bushes!) and they've" winterized" the buildings (aka the furnaces are on) our sacrament meeting/ chapel/ priesthood room was 95 degrees F on Sunday, and then on Sunday night the gym was at least that hot for the fireside when everyones was sitting in the same room!! Thankfully Pres. Brown allowed all of us Elders to take off our suit coats, it was a sweet relief! Oh and they've begun to put up Christmas lights around the campus its pretty fun too look at but none of them are on yet.
It's good to hear that mom's leg is getting better and that everyone is doing well. Ummm. . . . .I'm trying to think of anything that would be "newsworthy" too of the residence halls are being renovated so every room on our floor has 3 bunk beds in them now and 6 elders a piece! it's really only a Lil annoying in the morning  . . . . waiting in line for the showers!
Oh something else you might like is that last night's devotional speaker was Elder Richard G Scott Its was pretty cool to hear what he had to say, I think that my favorite thing was when he admonished all of us to look to the sisters for an example and to follow their lead in how they quietly consider them. I don't have any sisters in my district so I'm trying to remember all of the times that mom and Kaitlyn set a good example for me . . . . it's a lil difficult (sorry i couldn't resist :P) besides that I don't think that I have much to report on I gotta get back to the residence hall and change so I can get to the temple on time
Vaya Con Dios,
Yo Tengo mucho amor por cada ustedes,
Elder Zach Nelsno

Week #4

Glad to hear about your bike ride I miss that trail more than i thought possible! As for soccer it's been a little too chilly as of late, since it snowed last week (reference: snow in the first of October!) everythings been in the 70's so mostly we play volleyball or workout in the gym. but it's nice to be able to look at snow covered mountains, even though the closets one is Mt. Timpanogas.Thank you for the making a trip to the bank, however you shouldn't be using that money that is what i worked two years for, please save your money to raise that army of your's! :) It's good to hear that Katie's challenging herself at school, it's the best way to learn, I've found. Considering that we study/ do classwork for ~30 hours a week it's a big factor in how well we learn.Thank you for the shirts : | Why did you buy new ones??  (Because the cuffs of his old ones wouldn't come clean due to all the ground in movie-theater butter from work on his old ones!) How's your season going Charles, it's gonna start winding down soon what are your plans for after that?
Glad to hear that everything went good for mom!!Mucho Mucho amor por usted mi madre amado.
On the topic of shirts again ,could you do me the favor of putting together a list of things that may be used to remove different types of stains? I've already put a few different of your knowledgeable steps to good use so thank you for tutoring me in  the art of laundering! Not that laundry brought this to the top of my mind but Sister/President Julie B. Beck came to the MTC and spoke to us last night it was amazing, and most of us agreed that because of her we now have a much greater respect for the sisters that speak during conference because of her.
On The matter of my Travel plans i checked with the travel desk last week, I think, and they said that they had shipped my information off to Mexico to be completed there, SCORE!!!!!!!. and it is to my understanding that I am allowed to call you when i receive my travel plans and let you know whats happening.thank you for the quote dad~!. and mom i would love to get some names to take to the temple anything you need i could do. Last week one of the other Elders went to the Temple with me its was amazing: they were having trouble with some pronunciations of about 10 or 15 names from the Oaxacca area of Mexico, so I got to help with that! 

I love you all lots, Vaya Con Dios!!!
Elder Zachary Nelson
P.S. Ian be watching the mail!

Week #3!

Okay so first i wanna get to the goat thing that dad asked me about , from El Magueys(Millie and I had gone out to lunch at a local Mexican place, and asked Z about a poster we saw that had a baby and a soccer ball, and words our Google translator translated as 'goat birth'), So between my buddies and I we Talked it over and used our (trumpet fanfare please!) dictionaries to look it up. The first definition provided for each word ''chiva'' and ''nacimiento'' were respectively goat and birth. however when we kept looking through the other definitions we found out that chiva can mean birth and that nacimiento can mean something like from the beginning or a weeks pay [Yo no tengo mi diccionario ahora] so we decided that it may be a Spanish idiom that means along the lines of ''We work for our check from the time we are born'', referencing how popular and rich the soccer industry is in Mexico. However I'm not sure.
So to answer ustedes preguntas: sorry about the green letter I thought I asked the lady at the mail counter to mail it to you but maybe not, I'll send it with a few extra next time, porque I need to send you a photo copy of my signed passport. kinda creepy to hear about the camera crews creeping around campus (we watched a documentary about the MTC between conference sessions) , we haven't seen anyone around, do you remember which buildings they toured or when? Yes conference was awesome but I think my favorite was Elder J Davn Kornish, the fried chicken talk. It made me laugh and helped me see how we can turn to God for the little things. 
I got my package Monday (yes, another one!) thank you for sending it. So far I've managed to not eat all of the chocolate , it''s amazing!, and como en el mundo did you have to mention home cookin' in your email, that torture I don't know if I can stand it again :)))) joke It is good to hear that good food still exists en el mundo!  The topic of sisters (female missionaries are referred to as 'Sisters') has come up many times in our district, and we are all in agreement, it's a good thing that there aren't any in ours. We all love the sisters as . . . well as sisters, but we don't think we'd ever learn any Spanish . . . let alone doctrine principles :) Ii didn't know that one of he Hansens sons had gone to Mexico on his mission, it 'll be cool to hear about it.
Mom it's good to hear that uncle Jim is getting into his new job in ironton/fredricktown/southwestmissouriville I don't recall where it is so <- that should cover it :) please tell Ian and the boys that you are all in my dreams, and I can't wait to get to see them. I can't believe Ian is going to be baptized this Saturday. I'm Trying to scrounge something together for him I'll try to get it in the mail but no guarantees on when it will get there. Since I got here three weeks ago (crazy to think of by itself!, time goes way too fast here) the temperature has dropped a few degrees every day, soon we'll all be in our jackets! burr. And your darn tootin your gonna let me know how your op goes!!!!! Thank you for sending the bucket cash it may be needed, eventually, I already tried the pizza's and sadly they are under par. Good to hear about your teaching contracts how are you gonna deal with so much scheduling? Speaking of which good luck and congrats on the fed appointtment!Now how come I never could get out of school for a Rt 44, that screams of favoritism!!!! | -) JK. Good to hear about the BOA stuff, hey speaking of which can you please send me a copy of my account log in , I cant remember it and would like to know what I got. General conference was awesome here, btw hows Joy doing? I can't thank you enough for the Bishop Walker quote If you got anymore please send them, but not all at once, I love how goofy they are and how wise they are at the same time.
Well I got 3 mins left on my timer so I'll wrap up by asking if it would be possible to send me one of my old long sleeve shirts, I need to wear one far too often here and it gets kinda stinky. I don't need a new one one of my old ones will do. I'm gonna send some letters home for the kids
Yo Tengo Mucho amor por ustedes y, vaya con Dios
love EZ Nelson

Week #2

(We sent a 'care' package with cash and a few things for Zach) Thanks for the cash that came with my passport, which by the way arrived the Monday after you sent it. I've been able to get a pretty cool mission shirt and a mini binder to help keep my organized, no jokes needed from the peanut gallery if you please :P. Sorry to hear about your quiet lunches, but I hear that state workers get pretty easy work days anyways! As for the tandem ( two-seater bike project we started right before he left) I say go for it. I think It'll be a sweet road rider for you and mom!
You Mentioned that the neighbors SUV was gone sorry to hear it, but have you tried adding some more leak stop to the radiator(you probably have, but I wanted to throw in my two cents). Glad to hear that Charles Eagle project is moving along, got any new pics yet? Sadly there will not be an MTC priesthood choir performing, or they won't be from the Provo MTC if there is.
However, Singing in the Tuesday Night Devotionals has turned into something everyone from our district now does and its pretty cool.I think the choir is probably 250-400 strong , if you can find a picture of the gym when its set up for a devo we usually take up the 3 'stage left;' sections. It's an awesome sound to hear. I still think it was hilarious, our choir master usually has some little scriptural reference that he shares with us each time we practice and the few I've heard so far have been pretty sweet. But, He also did something that Mrs.Dampf (our awesome JCHS Choir instructor) would love:  we were singing our first opening hymn, we usually sing 3 of them, and it was #223 'Have I Done Any Good?" which is a pretty cool song. He CUT US OFF , The Whole Congregation of about 2000!, and said , and I quote" Elders and Sisters You all have lovely voices but there is not a fermata on that hymn, it just cuts off, now watch me closely when we get to that spot again please, thank you." O O
I couldn't believe that he did that! It was pretty Cool though. So how did Charles OA campout Go? I think That I Mentioned It To The Boys but We nuke the pizzas when we get them out of the machines. You Don't Need to Put anyone on ramen and water for my sake I eat enough of that here :(  It was Pretty Sweet to hear that Charles is on starting teams now, how long have they been undefeated? It was sad to hear about the washer breaking but I'm More Amazed That the DRYER is Still Working! I'm Also not surprised To Here That Katie Made Cakes For Psych , Gotta use those Talents, Plus her project won't be staring at her for the next couple of years . . . every time she wakes up in the night to use the lou! but I'm Curious how did they taste? :))
I just hope Ian slows down on the tires (we've replaced a tube already, and patched it twice) or you may need to consider taking out stock in the company!. The money in my jar . . . . use it to pay for the washer or something, its change and tips That I got From working At the Theatre. Buena suerta a usted!! on the parole Board, I'll be saying prayers, In SPANISH!!! and about Elder Markarian laying it on thick . . . . is that very Surprising? [:P <--- at E. Markarian]
Have you ever heard of a family named 'Meator' or something phonetically similar? I keep running into an elder with this name he's in my zone, hes from the Independence stake and we recognized each other as familiar when we saw each other, he looks an awful lot like he might be related to the Walkers. Well I don't have any more time 35 secs and counting b4 it boots me out Hugs and kisses BYE
Vaya con dios