Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Day goes high tech!

We get a chance to actually 'talk' with our missionary twice a year: Christmas Day and Mother's Day. Today was one of those days! Thanks to a cool Christmas present from my wife, and the wonders of Skype and the worldwide web, we were able to have an hour-long video call with him this afternoon.
First of all, in response to his mother, grandma and aunts' concerns: he is looking well. He looks well fed, healthy and like he is taking care of himself!
He had lots of stories about local cuisinie, and great stories about the people he has been meeting and getting to know. His companion, Elder Bell, is from Provo, Utah.
We were able to swap lots of stories, catch up on family near and far. Most importantly, we got to see him and he could see us.
Things are good. He's working hard and momma's happy!
Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night!

Happy New Year

Okay, I’m gonna respond in the way that you all wrote cause that’s easiest mom I love you and will be glad to be your hermanito! [mom had said, now that he’s so old, and she’s always told everyone she’s “29” she’s going to start telling everyone he’s her brother!!] I love you and your quirkiness I believe that’s how its spelled I’m losing a grip on my English, but everything’s been great so far and I do love the adventure, as you said! Even if I’m your little brother you always be my mom. And thank you for the quote I like it!

I’m glad to hear that the party was fun I’ve got some pics to send you of ours! I didn’t think I was turning 21this year [he didn’t, but is close!]

te quiero tambien hermanita mio! feliz año nuevo [I love my sister too! happy new year]

Okay so Ian asked the question well Ian I hope that you like the pictures that I’ve got to share with you!

Gerrit dang who’s that? Oh wait he’s the goofy one that lives down the street right? 'course I miss you dude happy new year take care of everyone for me. [Gerrit, one of Charles’ buds, was here for a sleepover and took a minute to write a quick note to Zach as part of our weekly emails]

Gracias for looking for the things I mentioned Katie I’d ask a question of you: you know what type of music I like?! Help me out huh? If you could I’d request a version of: this is the Christ and a few classic primary songs nothing to goofy but you know the old good ones: Army of Helaman, I like to look for rainbows, follow the prophet, and well I’ll trust in your judgment! muchisimas gracias!

You all never said whose name I drew [our 7nelsons family tradition is to draw names at Christmas] you’ll have to give me the one I missed 'last year' and the one I’ll get this year and I can 'pay my debt' when I get back.

I love you all. Now here’s a quick explanation of the picture I’m attaching! btw if they take too long or can’t open them and I’ll send fewer!

Actually I’ll just split them up this time cause I’ve got a lot I would like to share:

The tree and nacimiento as they call it here are in downtown Atlacomulco.

A Christmas display, what they did for Christmas here downtown

We fried conejo with members to eat for new years they invited us over for lunch and we had some great spicy chicken!

Then we ran to the store and got food for dinner since we would not be eating with members.

I gotta go love you all! 
Vaya Con Dios
Eldr ZachNelson

A Mexican Birthday!

[Zach's younger brothers were concerned that birthdays may not be much of a big deal on a mission. Well, thankfully they were wrong! In response to a question they asked about his 20th birthday, Zach replied that they had a zone conference on his birthday, and while at the conference all the missionaries had a birthday party for him!] He sent the attached minute or two of prepared...its a tad graphic!

Feliz Navidad!

(Christmas Day is one of the two days we get to actually talk to Zachary. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we were able to Skype with him from Mexico! Thanks to a church member in Atlacomulco, Mexico with a laptop, wi-fi in Zach’s ward building  and a new Iphone 4S for me for Christmas [wahoo!] we were able to video chat with Zachary. Grandma was here, so she got to share in our ‘Christmas present’ from Mexico! We had two common comments: ‘he looks good’ and ‘we didn’t know an hour could go so fast’!)

So what’s up with you all this week? You looked good! Well almost as good as me! Unicamente una broma: [only a brother?] there’s a new word for Kaitlyn "broma". Hmmm, well let’s see -- since last week we’ve gotten a lot of walking done… and I love talking to you all, but now I don’t really have anything to write. Hmmm, well lets see last night we went and hung out with some other elders then we went and returned the members laptop we borrowed to call you all and left a thank you note too. As you can see we got haircuts this morning and I wanted to show off my lovely tan line. In a first for me the stylist used a straight razor to trim my neck and side burns and she made a joke which I thought was: she had never cut anyone’s ear off, as she was trimming above mine. Apparently I responded in a way that conveyed I did not care if she cut my ear off which she thought was just hilarious.

We’re finally gonna head to the store today. We went once and that was all we had time for! In three weeks we lasted about 2 weeks off that food and have been buying tortillas and ham and cheese from the tienda [store] down the street to make sincronizadas (I think there is an h in there some where but I’m not sure) [this is a tortilla-based sandwich of ham and cheese between two tortillas]. Transfers are today Elder Bell and I are staying in Atlacomulco. The district leader got transferred out and there’s a new elder coming in. I don’t remember if I told you but Elder Bell goes home in February.

Other than that yesterday was muy chido we walked to church and it was so odd, we have to walk thru the downtown all the little tiendas were closed and no one was out but us. Then again it was 9 am on Christmas morning but it was still odd compared to the usual hustle and bustle of downtown. I’m sorry to say that’s really all I’ve got to write today I hope that you enjoy the pictures I can’t remember which ones I clicked on so if you have any questions let me know!  I love you all wish everyone a Merry Christmas for me and send a photograph of everyone Tuesday night [we had David’s sisters Margie and Shirley and their families here for a late holiday bash] for me please I love you all and living the life here in Mexico.
Muchisma Feliz Navidad Y Via Con Dios
Elder Zach Nelson

This is the last time I’ll get to write you until next year…Oh, wait I had a Katy moment, never mind! I love you Katie

Here's some pics of Zach's mission apartment in Atlacomulco, Mexico; his little Christmas tree; and the mountainous area he's in