Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello from Mexico!!!!

Yo family what’s up?
If its real for you you’ve no idea how it feels for me! Anyways it’s been awesome I got here and had dinner with Presidente y la Hermana (President and Sister Villareall, they are in charge of the Missionaries), pancakes, go figure! Right but it’s probably the last time I’ll have pancakes in two years! Sorry about my typing, the keyboards are a bit weird here, well, odder than I’m used too. So let’s see I stayed Wednesday night in the mission home which is crazy like it could be in MTC cribs!

Mom would probably love it here everywhere I’ve been has tiled floors and backsplashes. It’s been awesome though, lets see what else: after we left the mission home we took a taxi to the bus terminal and then about an hour ride to Toluca and stayed the night with the elders in Xonacatlan (shaun-a-cat-lan). Then we had a meeting in which Elder and Sister Johnson from the Area 70 (other adult leaders in the Mexico City area) came and spoke to us. So we had to get up at 5:30 to shower, and then take 2 different busses to the chapel in Metepec. It’s the first chapel I’ve seen with an elevator. The meeting was really cool cause all of it was in Spanish and I could understand all of what was being said!

After the meeting we did an exchange and I went to another junta for investigators with some other elders in our zone while Elder Bell (my first companion and trainer. He’s from Provo, UT) went up to our area with another elder in our zone. They took up the luggage. Myself and another elder got a ride up with the Atlacomulco Bishop, which happens to be our area, so it was good. I had my
first street
tacos Saturday night in Independencia. I think its a collonia sobre toluca but yeah all the elders I’ve met have been awesome people! That reminds me: Elder Bell is almost ready to go home! Sounds fun right? He’s at 22 months and will be going home in February.

Hmm what else casi everyone here is nice and friendly as long as you don’t count the Catholic priest whose door we knocked on last night…he was a little mean. Here in Mexico, apparently, the Catholic Church gives out stickers to its members to put on their house: ESTE HOGAR ES CATOLICO. Or: this house is Catholic. We only met a few duros and beside that it was a good night last night we spent a few hours out tracting. Oh yeah only a few areas are bikers and one of those isn’t ours! So yeah lots of walking!! Glad I got some good shoes. Thank Joy for me please

HMM what are some cool stories? Elder Bell and I didn’t have anything to do the night before the meeting so we went tracting in Xonacatlan and well ….. wait I want to give you my live stock count so far: horses IN THE STREET BIENG RIDDEN 1;  sheep about 30; turkeys about 10; and dogs . . .  no sé muchos! perro haha see what I did there actually you might not in Spanish you can say but 2 ways para. . . excuse me three ways por para and pero the Spanish word for dog is perro okay hopefully now you get it! 

Anyways here are some rules that I’ve got to follow the secretaries took my mp3 and put it in a safe in the home I think no sé pero es no me importa and if I wanna listen to music I need to buy a walkman and speakers, it’ll be cheaper here so don’t even think about it!!!! If I want to write anyone outside of you, my immediate family I have to do it by hand the old fashioned way so I’ve asked Presidente if it’s all right for me to write to grandma no word yet. Umm according to Elder Bell I will get to Skype you all for Christmas and all that needs to be done is for you all to set up a Skype account for you and me and ´friend´ them with each other and send me the log in stuff. So yeah Katie and Charles, you need to get to work on that since you know . .. mom and dad MAY, no emphasis added . . . at all, need help with that.  And, oh yeah, you’ll probably need a webcam too.

That is something mom and dad can do! Everyone behave and keep up the good work! I’ve been hearing about Isaak: I’m so happy to hear that you’ve started to get down reading; and Katie if you can send me a sound clip from the choir concert or at least a pic of the ensemble, that would be great. But you can leave out the band and orchestra, since Charles isn’t in the orchestra yet.
I love you all and have to go!

Vaya con Dios
Elder Nelson

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