Monday, October 24, 2011

Week #4

Glad to hear about your bike ride I miss that trail more than i thought possible! As for soccer it's been a little too chilly as of late, since it snowed last week (reference: snow in the first of October!) everythings been in the 70's so mostly we play volleyball or workout in the gym. but it's nice to be able to look at snow covered mountains, even though the closets one is Mt. Timpanogas.Thank you for the making a trip to the bank, however you shouldn't be using that money that is what i worked two years for, please save your money to raise that army of your's! :) It's good to hear that Katie's challenging herself at school, it's the best way to learn, I've found. Considering that we study/ do classwork for ~30 hours a week it's a big factor in how well we learn.Thank you for the shirts : | Why did you buy new ones??  (Because the cuffs of his old ones wouldn't come clean due to all the ground in movie-theater butter from work on his old ones!) How's your season going Charles, it's gonna start winding down soon what are your plans for after that?
Glad to hear that everything went good for mom!!Mucho Mucho amor por usted mi madre amado.
On the topic of shirts again ,could you do me the favor of putting together a list of things that may be used to remove different types of stains? I've already put a few different of your knowledgeable steps to good use so thank you for tutoring me in  the art of laundering! Not that laundry brought this to the top of my mind but Sister/President Julie B. Beck came to the MTC and spoke to us last night it was amazing, and most of us agreed that because of her we now have a much greater respect for the sisters that speak during conference because of her.
On The matter of my Travel plans i checked with the travel desk last week, I think, and they said that they had shipped my information off to Mexico to be completed there, SCORE!!!!!!!. and it is to my understanding that I am allowed to call you when i receive my travel plans and let you know whats happening.thank you for the quote dad~!. and mom i would love to get some names to take to the temple anything you need i could do. Last week one of the other Elders went to the Temple with me its was amazing: they were having trouble with some pronunciations of about 10 or 15 names from the Oaxacca area of Mexico, so I got to help with that! 

I love you all lots, Vaya Con Dios!!!
Elder Zachary Nelson
P.S. Ian be watching the mail!

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