Monday, October 24, 2011

Week #2

(We sent a 'care' package with cash and a few things for Zach) Thanks for the cash that came with my passport, which by the way arrived the Monday after you sent it. I've been able to get a pretty cool mission shirt and a mini binder to help keep my organized, no jokes needed from the peanut gallery if you please :P. Sorry to hear about your quiet lunches, but I hear that state workers get pretty easy work days anyways! As for the tandem ( two-seater bike project we started right before he left) I say go for it. I think It'll be a sweet road rider for you and mom!
You Mentioned that the neighbors SUV was gone sorry to hear it, but have you tried adding some more leak stop to the radiator(you probably have, but I wanted to throw in my two cents). Glad to hear that Charles Eagle project is moving along, got any new pics yet? Sadly there will not be an MTC priesthood choir performing, or they won't be from the Provo MTC if there is.
However, Singing in the Tuesday Night Devotionals has turned into something everyone from our district now does and its pretty cool.I think the choir is probably 250-400 strong , if you can find a picture of the gym when its set up for a devo we usually take up the 3 'stage left;' sections. It's an awesome sound to hear. I still think it was hilarious, our choir master usually has some little scriptural reference that he shares with us each time we practice and the few I've heard so far have been pretty sweet. But, He also did something that Mrs.Dampf (our awesome JCHS Choir instructor) would love:  we were singing our first opening hymn, we usually sing 3 of them, and it was #223 'Have I Done Any Good?" which is a pretty cool song. He CUT US OFF , The Whole Congregation of about 2000!, and said , and I quote" Elders and Sisters You all have lovely voices but there is not a fermata on that hymn, it just cuts off, now watch me closely when we get to that spot again please, thank you." O O
I couldn't believe that he did that! It was pretty Cool though. So how did Charles OA campout Go? I think That I Mentioned It To The Boys but We nuke the pizzas when we get them out of the machines. You Don't Need to Put anyone on ramen and water for my sake I eat enough of that here :(  It was Pretty Sweet to hear that Charles is on starting teams now, how long have they been undefeated? It was sad to hear about the washer breaking but I'm More Amazed That the DRYER is Still Working! I'm Also not surprised To Here That Katie Made Cakes For Psych , Gotta use those Talents, Plus her project won't be staring at her for the next couple of years . . . every time she wakes up in the night to use the lou! but I'm Curious how did they taste? :))
I just hope Ian slows down on the tires (we've replaced a tube already, and patched it twice) or you may need to consider taking out stock in the company!. The money in my jar . . . . use it to pay for the washer or something, its change and tips That I got From working At the Theatre. Buena suerta a usted!! on the parole Board, I'll be saying prayers, In SPANISH!!! and about Elder Markarian laying it on thick . . . . is that very Surprising? [:P <--- at E. Markarian]
Have you ever heard of a family named 'Meator' or something phonetically similar? I keep running into an elder with this name he's in my zone, hes from the Independence stake and we recognized each other as familiar when we saw each other, he looks an awful lot like he might be related to the Walkers. Well I don't have any more time 35 secs and counting b4 it boots me out Hugs and kisses BYE
Vaya con dios

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