Monday, October 24, 2011

Week #3!

Okay so first i wanna get to the goat thing that dad asked me about , from El Magueys(Millie and I had gone out to lunch at a local Mexican place, and asked Z about a poster we saw that had a baby and a soccer ball, and words our Google translator translated as 'goat birth'), So between my buddies and I we Talked it over and used our (trumpet fanfare please!) dictionaries to look it up. The first definition provided for each word ''chiva'' and ''nacimiento'' were respectively goat and birth. however when we kept looking through the other definitions we found out that chiva can mean birth and that nacimiento can mean something like from the beginning or a weeks pay [Yo no tengo mi diccionario ahora] so we decided that it may be a Spanish idiom that means along the lines of ''We work for our check from the time we are born'', referencing how popular and rich the soccer industry is in Mexico. However I'm not sure.
So to answer ustedes preguntas: sorry about the green letter I thought I asked the lady at the mail counter to mail it to you but maybe not, I'll send it with a few extra next time, porque I need to send you a photo copy of my signed passport. kinda creepy to hear about the camera crews creeping around campus (we watched a documentary about the MTC between conference sessions) , we haven't seen anyone around, do you remember which buildings they toured or when? Yes conference was awesome but I think my favorite was Elder J Davn Kornish, the fried chicken talk. It made me laugh and helped me see how we can turn to God for the little things. 
I got my package Monday (yes, another one!) thank you for sending it. So far I've managed to not eat all of the chocolate , it''s amazing!, and como en el mundo did you have to mention home cookin' in your email, that torture I don't know if I can stand it again :)))) joke It is good to hear that good food still exists en el mundo!  The topic of sisters (female missionaries are referred to as 'Sisters') has come up many times in our district, and we are all in agreement, it's a good thing that there aren't any in ours. We all love the sisters as . . . well as sisters, but we don't think we'd ever learn any Spanish . . . let alone doctrine principles :) Ii didn't know that one of he Hansens sons had gone to Mexico on his mission, it 'll be cool to hear about it.
Mom it's good to hear that uncle Jim is getting into his new job in ironton/fredricktown/southwestmissouriville I don't recall where it is so <- that should cover it :) please tell Ian and the boys that you are all in my dreams, and I can't wait to get to see them. I can't believe Ian is going to be baptized this Saturday. I'm Trying to scrounge something together for him I'll try to get it in the mail but no guarantees on when it will get there. Since I got here three weeks ago (crazy to think of by itself!, time goes way too fast here) the temperature has dropped a few degrees every day, soon we'll all be in our jackets! burr. And your darn tootin your gonna let me know how your op goes!!!!! Thank you for sending the bucket cash it may be needed, eventually, I already tried the pizza's and sadly they are under par. Good to hear about your teaching contracts how are you gonna deal with so much scheduling? Speaking of which good luck and congrats on the fed appointtment!Now how come I never could get out of school for a Rt 44, that screams of favoritism!!!! | -) JK. Good to hear about the BOA stuff, hey speaking of which can you please send me a copy of my account log in , I cant remember it and would like to know what I got. General conference was awesome here, btw hows Joy doing? I can't thank you enough for the Bishop Walker quote If you got anymore please send them, but not all at once, I love how goofy they are and how wise they are at the same time.
Well I got 3 mins left on my timer so I'll wrap up by asking if it would be possible to send me one of my old long sleeve shirts, I need to wear one far too often here and it gets kinda stinky. I don't need a new one one of my old ones will do. I'm gonna send some letters home for the kids
Yo Tengo Mucho amor por ustedes y, vaya con Dios
love EZ Nelson

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