Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Rocky Road

Well I've been saying goodbyes and giving hugs, all while trying to stay dry amidst the tears of others. I've only had a little trouble trying to fit my bedroom into 2 suitcases,unfortunately it didn't work :( , but with help from my mom I think I fit everything in. All seemed to be going well until I found my passport card in my paperwork, and noticed a little flaw in the spelling . . . of my name, And since I shipped my passport to Utah, for my Mexican visa to be processed, we had to find out if it was also incorrect on my passport book (it was). So, my parents and I had to wait for Labor Day to end so we could call the appropriate peoples to get this sorted out. So far the outlook is decent, the people in Utah are going to overnight my book to me so I can get all of my paperwork together and I'll overnight it to the State Dept. to have a new Passport Book and Visa issued to me. The only problem with that is my new book and card will have new ID #'s on them. So the whole process of my Mexican visa application will have to be repeated. Which means that I probably won't get to Mexico by Thanksgiving . . . or Christmas. Either way it'll be a great experience, one I'm already learning from: i.e. double check documents before you submit them, and know how to spell your own name.

Until we meet again Via Con Dios,
E.Z. Nelson

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