Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In and around Temple Square

Monday, September 12 was a day of adventure all around. Mom spent the biggest part of the day at the Family History Library. Dad tried, but the one roll of microfilm he needed about Denmark was apparently in use by someone else, as none of the Librarians could find it!
So, as a result, dad and Zach spend the day on tour. we discovered; the Church History Museum, the Church Archives and the garden on top of the new conference center. All were amazing!
Some of the things we learned:
The conference center will seat 21,000 people, and has been designed so that everyone can exit the building in a 15 minute time period;
The church archives are set up to provide secure storage of the church's important books, documents and films...for example: people have donated their pioneer families' journals, and they are all available for research by anyone who has the interest! It's set up as a giant research library. You ask for what you need, a librarian retrieves it and brings it to you. Zach's favorite was a 1600s Bible, all in the King's English, which was full of charts and graphs about how the ancient Priests determined when Easter should be. As it was all in Roman numerals, he tried to calculate next Easter to see if it would be held on the proper day!
We all enjoyed the church history museum with its artifacts, Utah history and all the different time periods of the church.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be our last day as tourists....Zach reports to the MTC on Wednesday.
Via con Dios!

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